Baker Artist Awards 2014/2015

Baltimore Museum of Art

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Ahoy dear laddies! Barnacle here. I’ve always told you how historic not only Fell’s Point is, but Baltimore as a whole. ‘Tis a city filled with art, culture and charm! This year, the Baltimore Museum of Art celebrates this year Baker Artist Awards.

The Baker Artist Awards were created to support artists and promote Greater Baltimore as a strong creative community. Through a sophisticated online portfolio and significant monetary prizes for the winners, the Baker Artist Awards serves artists of all disciplines who live and work in Baltimore City and its five surrounding counties. The website and awards were established by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund and are a program of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.

The winners will have a multi-disciplinary exhibition showcasing examples of works by two years of winners of the prestigious $25,000 Mary Sawyers Baker Prize. The 2014 winners are Chris Bathgate, a self-taught machinist sculptor; Todd Marcus, a bass clarinetist and composer; and Brent Crothers, a sculptor who uses recycled materials. The 2015 winners are Eric Dyer, an artist, filmmaker, and experimental animator; Paul Rucker, a self-taught visual artist, composer, and musician; and Wendel Patrick, a composer and music producer. The exhibition will also feature examples of works by the six $5,000 b-grant winners from 2014 and 2015: Jowita Wyszomirska, Ed Gross, David Paul Bacharach, Renée Rendine, Dominique Zeltzman, and Timmy Reed!

Art plays a huge part of the city of Baltimore and I hope yee are able to help celebrate with us! This year I shall be going with my dear friends Henry & Fin to see the exhibit. We’ve been many times to the Baltimore Museum of Art and each time fascinates us and opens our eyes.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is home to an internationally renowned collection of 19th-century, modern, and contemporary art. Founded in 1914 with a single painting, the BMA today has 95,000 works of art—including the largest holding of works by Henri Matisse in the world.

Throughout the museum, visitors will find an outstanding selection of American and European painting, sculpture, and decorative arts; prints and drawings from the 15th century to the present; works by established and emerging contemporary artists; and exceptional objects from Africa and Asia. Two beautifully landscaped gardens display an array of 20th-century sculpture that is an oasis in the city.
The 210,000-square-foot museum is distinguished by a grand historic building designed in the 1920s by renowned American architect John Russell Pope. A $28 million multi-year renovation that began in 2010 has transformed galleries for contemporary, American, African, and Asian art, and improved visitor amenities and essential infrastructure. The renovation will conclude with a new center for art, creativity, and community opening in fall 2015 that will offer innovative ways of engaging and interacting with art.
Since 2006, the BMA has provided free general admission so that everyone can enjoy the power of art.

So you can imagine how many times Henry & I went with our love for history and art. The Baker Artist winners exhibits will be up until November 15th! Currently there are other exhibits up and running. Fin’s favorite exhibit has to be the Front Room: Sara VanDerBeek. It’s an exhibit of photography and sculpture inspired by Baltimore-based dancers, urban architecture, a salvage yard, and the BMA’s collection! Henry’s favorite exhibit has to be the Diverging Streams: Eastern Nigerian Art. With his love for history and appreciation of foreign art. It features nearly 20 headdresses, masks and costumes from the eastern Nigerian region of Africa. I won’t tell you mine, you’ll have to go there and find out! Hopefully we’ll see you before that. But until then, enjoy the art!

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