History 101 - Inn at Henderson's Wharf & Fell's Point

History 101

Inn at Henderson's Wharf & Fell's Point

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  • Inn at Henderson
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Good day to you sirs & madams! ‘Tis another glorious Monday! I take it you had a great weekend with many of happens that has occurred in the old Fell’s Point & Baltimore! I hate to be the lecturer but I feel as if we’ve been aquainted for quite some time now, and I think it’s time you know the history of the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf.

In 1730, a Quaker shipbuilder from England named William Fell, purchased a prominent point of land adjacent to Baltimore Harbor and established a shipyard. Within 40 years, the shipyard proved so successful and attracted so many craftsmen, merchants, and sailors that William’s son Edward felt compelled to lay out the streets of the town on the site he named Fell’s Point.

A decade later just prior to the Revolutionary War, the nearby port of Baltimore decided that the only way to compete with the thriving rival was to annex it. It was from the Fell’s Point Shipyards that the legendary Baltimore Clippers, the fastest sailing ships of their age, were launched to carry Baltimore’s fame around the world. America’s famous warship, The Constellation, was also built in Fell’s Point.

Henderson’s Wharf is named for John Henderson, a pre-Civil War merchang. In 1893, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad built the present six-story building with its massive three-foot thick walls, as a tobacco warehouse. Cargoes of tobacco from southern Maryland plantation were shipped in by rail down Fell Street, stored and then loaded onto ships for export across the seas.

The Belgian block streets, which refer to as cobblestone, winding lanes, curio shops and row houses still evident. The Federal Government made the entire town the first in the nation to be a National Historic District as it recognized it as a unique industrial maritime center.

Henderson’s Wharf is now an elegant residence with the first floor renovated as a 38-room bed and breakfast inn. Using the original brick walls in the design & restoration, Henderson’s Wharf is a nationally registered historic landmark. The spacious rooms with every modern amenity, face the Harbor, our Marina or our English Country Garden offering respite from the bustle of downtown Baltimore.

The shops, crafts, antiques, restaurants, music, pubs and people of our neighborhood are just outside our entrance. While our quiet community is an experience in itself, the modern attractions of Camden Yards, the National Aquarium and the Inner Harbor are all only minutes away!

So for you good madams and sirs, I hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to being more of service. If I am not around, please utilize our other butlers at the Inn!

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