Oktoberfest 2015


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Guten Tag! Herr und Frau! Henry, at your service. Today has been busy. Previously, I mentioned how our humble city of Baltimore holds an annual even known as Free Fall Baltimore which allows everyone to attend various events for free throughout various parts of Baltimore the entire month of October!

But I fail to mention, ‘tis another reason why I love October and that is from a very traditional yet Americanized version of Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest in Germany traditionally runs for 16 days every year. Born in Bavaria in 1810, Oktoberfest celebrates the fall harvest and traditionally included an agricultural show and a horse race. By 1960, Oktoberfest had spread to the U.S. In Baltimore, there are a number of beer-related festivals during the latter part of September through October, including Baltimore Beer Week. Embrace German culture and beer with these great Oktoberfest celebrations! From the traditional German garments, known as lederhosen, to the German drinks and food to music and all around fun, Oktoberfest is sure to be fun and bring together the Baltimorean community.

There are really two major events that happen here in the city, and that is Das Best Oktoberfest and Baltimore Beer Week! Das Best Oktoberfest, also translated to ‘The Best Oktoberfest’, happened last week, but ‘tis an annual event that surely you can attend next year! There is a wide arrangement of international, domestic and local beers with win and schnapps. Barnacle, Admiral Fell Inn’s bulldog, tends to be more capable of handling his liquids for he is always traveling the seas. Me, I’m more of a cigar and wine drinker with the occasional schnapps. But that is after I help and service you of course dear sirs and madams! ‘Tis a huge event that has people near and afar attend dressing up in German outfits winning contests and having a good time.

Baltimore Beer Week is holding its 7th year of celebrating all things beer in the land of pleasant living! 'Tis a collaborative effort of businesses and beer enthusiasts in our community to celebrate and highlight the unique beer culture that exists in and around the Chesapeake region. Oh, look at the time! I must go, Barnacle is awaiting for me outside while I write this letter.

‘Twas another eventful week good sirs and madams. I hope I see you there. As always, I’m here if you need me. Looking forward to next week. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!