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Hello there Good Friend. I am Henry – the Butler here at Henderson’s Wharf. I have been shuffling about these halls since I was a wee lad. My father and his father and his father's father have all served the amazing Henderson family. In fact – that’s how I got my name.

Sir John Henderson built our building back in the days of the old sailing ships. These walls housed thousands of pounds of tobacco leaves. I guess it’s in my blood but I love a good hand-rolled cigar now and then. It reminds me of my great grandfather. He would curl up by the fire after all the work was done and enjoy a long draw on a good Baltimore cigar. Then he would pop a fresh peppermint lozenge. Peppermint and tobacco - - great aromatic combination. I am never without a few wrapped mints.

John Henderson and Company was a noted merchant in the Fells Point area. Sir John was in the know - - his organization touched everything that traveled in and out of the harbor. Henderson’s Wharf is still at the center of all things happening in Baltimore.

It’s my job to know what is going on and how to help my guests experience it all. Follow me as I share some insider tips on the best way to navigate the Inner Harbor. It helps to have a Butler in the house! Consider yourself served!

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