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24 - Jan
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Where:Schola, 1005 N Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Paul Bocuse, The True Master of Cooking There are few chefs in France so universally known as Paul Bocuse. It could be because Chef Bocuse, a descendant from a family of chefs dating back to the late 1600s, at 83 years old was still working, though less frequently, in the kitchen. Or the fact that his namesake restaurant in Lyon has had three Michelin stars for over 43 years, making it the restaurant to have the longest period of consecutive years with such an honor. What is interesting, is that after all these years most of his menu hasn't changed at all. Unfortunately we lost this great chef in 2018 but his restaurant continues to reproduce these classics with the same quality and passion that made them popular so many years ago. We'll start by making the classic Gougère to snack on, then create his famous Lobster Salad with Vegetables and Tomato Gelée, A main course of Roasted Tenderloin with Black Truffle Jus and Lyonnaise Potatoes and finish with a Chocolate Tart, Hazelnut & Crème Anglaise. $79.99
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