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18 - Jan
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Where:Germano's PIATTINI, 300 South High Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21202

[The Stone Hill All-Stars - Live"] demonstrates why this combo is the cornerstone of the local roots music scene. Paul Margolis spins poetic yarns over guitar parts Ry Cooder might envy, as accordionist/pianist John Shock bobs and weaves through polka/reggae/rock rhythms conjured by drummer Hoppy Hopkins and bassist Dan Naiman. -- John Lewis, Baltimore Magazine

Fifteen live tracks served with style and panache by this Baltimore collective. They are certainly a part of the Americana roots scene, but they conjure up a lot more jazz and world-beat than one might first suspect. That is likely due to the high level of musicianship these guys have. All the more amazing that this is a live recording. -- David Hintz, DC Rock Live

The songs are well arranged and played with an enthusiasm that comes across in the crystal clear recording of the concert. Mixed and produced by the band, the ease of playing and the comfortable slide of the individual songs channel everything that is attractive in folk, rhythm & blues and loose jazz. -- Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway

Songwriter and guitarist Paul Margolis and accordionist John Shock have been playing music together for almost 30 years. Starting with Shock's band Two Legs, then The Polkats, and now with The Stone Hill All-Stars, they have been at the helm of some of the best roots-rock bands in Baltimore.  Their blend of cajun-flavored polka lies somewhere between Ry Cooder, Los Lobos, and The Pogues—plus polka. They swashbuckled through a dozen different kinds of traditional music all while retaining a distinct Baltimore flavor. The Stone Hill All-Stars, Margolis' and Shock's most recent band, is the quintessential Baltimore band and Margolis is one of the city's smartest songwriters.

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