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08 - Feb
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Where:Schola, 1005 N Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Understanding American BBQ and its Sauces As BBQ guru Steven Raichlen says, "Smoke may be the soul of barbecue, but the sauce gives it personality." But where you are from will define what you believe is barbecue sauce! In Kansas City it is thick, red and sweet…Texas is kind of the same but no sweetness and more vinegar…in North Carolina it's vinegar based and in South Carolina it's all about the mustard…in Alabama it's made with mayo and vinegar! Smoking meat takes some time, so we'll teach you how to make the best brisket, pork butt, ribs and sausages around while crafting some of the traditional sides such as spicy slaw, corn relish, kitchen sink potato salad and lots of pickled vegetables. We'll also make all the regional sauces for us to experiment with. And when we're all done we'll sit down to a national barbecued meat feast! $69.99   
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