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31 - Jan
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Where:Poe's Magic at The Lord Baltimore Hotel, 20 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Ghost Hunt at The Lord Baltimore Hotel

Bring your own equipment! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Lord Baltimore Hotel is a 22-story French Renaissance hotel which stands 289 feet tall. It is the largest hotel in Maryland, located downtown, it's an ideal place for business travelers, as well as people who are seeking respite from the many demands of life … and death! We will be investigating different areas each and every investigation. Every time you come, the ghost hunt will be slightly different. Some locations are subject to availability. Some of the areas include: The 19th floor, The Hotel's most haunted floor and where the ghost of the infamous Molly haunts; The Speakeasy, Crimes committed during prohibition may have resulted in murder; Lower lobby; 8th floor, The spirit of Lourde has been seen here; Penthouse, shadowy figures and the sounds of revelry permeate the halls; Ballroom, Phantom dancers still want to enjoy the evening's delights! Hosted by parapsychologist Vince Wilson or paranormalist Dan Eckhart (sometimes both). We will be conducting EVP experiments at each location. Join us in a traditional pendulum seance. Learn about the latest theories on ghosts and hauntings. Meet at the end, go over the evidence.
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