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Explore Our Rich History in Baltimore

The Fell's Point Historic District in Baltimore, Maryland, boasts a rich history dating back to the late 18th century. Originally a bustling maritime and shipbuilding hub, it's now a charming waterfront neighborhood, preserving its cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and maritime heritage.
Explore Our Rich History in Baltimore
An Icon of Style in Baltimore

An Icon of Style

Henderson's Wharf is a timeless icon of architectural elegance. E. Francis Baldwin's masterpiece, the B & O Tobacco Warehouse, completed in 1897, has stood as a symbol of Baltimore's architectural prowess and rich tobacco history for over a century.
Our History

Our History

Henderson's Wharf in Baltimore Harbor, originally O'Donnell's Wharf, epitomizes the city's maritime and industrial heritage. Purchased in 1850 by merchant James A. Henderson, it transformed into a major steamship hub, culminating in its acquisition by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad for tobacco distribution to Europe. Designed by architect E. Francis Baldwin in 1897, the building later adapted for various storage purposes until its abandonment in 1976. A significant fire in 1984 led to its renovation into condos and hotels, retaining original architectural elements. Today, it retains original features like ground-level swinging doors, upper-floor shutters, and most facade brickwork, blending Baltimore's industrial history with contemporary living, symbolizing the city's resilience and architectural heritage.
  • 2024

    Today, Inn at Henderson's Wharf retains the splendor and style that have made us Baltimore's most beloved luxury hotel for more than a century.

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