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28 - Mar
(Nearby Event: Business, Education)
Where:Mercy Medical Center, 301 St Paul Place, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21202
Join us in our upcoming Raising Money Masterclass to help you understand how to use equity crowdfunding to raise startup capital for your business. Raising Money is the most comprehensive equity crowdfunding masterclass in the DMV. Are you a startup or business looking to raise money to grow your business? Join us for our next crowdfunding masterclass to understand: JOBS Act Equity and Debt Crowdfunding The intersection of Blockchain, Tokens and Cryptocurrencies with crowdfunding and your goals of raising money for your business How Title III of the JOBS Act can be used to raise up to $1.07M dollars under Reg CF crowdfunding  Each attendee is provided a copy of the "Raising Money" your guide and workbook to understand JOBS Act Equity crowdfunding, and use it as a place to document the steps you need to take to be successful at raising money for your projects and running your business.  The class lays the foundation for you and your business to understand what is needed to raise money via RegCF, as well as Reg A+ (up to $50M) and Reg D. Additionally, you'll be privied to analyzing and understanding what blockchain is and if cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs, STOs and DSOs are right for your capital raising needs. Come network with industry professionals in an engaging, stimulating and immersive full day masterclass taught by Columbia University and UNH School of Law professors and learn directly from practitioners with proven track records and deep real-world experience.  Class size is limited. First come first serve. Expect about 7+ hours of instruction time that may go past 5:00 pm, heavy engagement, Q&A and student interaction. The learning will be active and interactive. Our course material is actively revised, to reflect the latest updates from the SEC, FINRA and other global regulatory bodies regarding initial coin offerings, securitized token offerings and use of blockchain with crowdfunding initiatives. If you are Startup Founder, Serial Entreprene
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